Monday, October 15, 2007


"Diamond Snakes" handstitched rug in wool

"Mumbling Slugs" machine stitched rug in wool

"Eat Upon Antlers" vintage dishes with painted antlers

"UVULA" handstitched rug in wool

"His & Hers" appliqued and embroidered hand towels

These are a few of the pieces that I made for the DOMUS show that Katy Irving curated. When she asked me to participate, I was overwhelmed because I hadn't been making anything at all. She thought I could pull it together and the domestic theme was pretty inspiring so I made this collection of housewares for the show. It ended up being a very positive experience and I'm thankful that it forced me to make things when I had been slacking.

It was the first time that I let the imagery I'd been using for my Lazer Beanz clothing designs spill onto different surfaces.

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betsy said...

I scrolled through those photos thinking, "oh, whose fabulous talent is this?!" and it was you! That's just plain super.