Saturday, November 03, 2007

My favorite toy is my print Gocco.

I recently purchased a Riso print Gocco machine from Japan to make some thank-you cards and I completely fell in love with this simple printing process. There is nothing quite like a new tool or method to get me working again and the Gocco sent me into a flurry of productivity and had my head brimming with new ideas.

Before I started using my Gocco, the main imagery I was working with was for Lazer Beanz. Due to the nature of my materials and the technique I used in the LazerBeanz appliques, my aesthetic became bolder, simpler and mostly color based. When my Gocco arrived in the mail I was surprised by how much of a challenge it was for me to make a simple line drawing to print. Using multiple colors in one print on the Gocco was too advanced at first so I couldn't rely on using color to define my shapes as I had been doing with the fabric. I had to shift my brain into contour mode and that was a big obstacle that I hadn't been expecting.

My creative side was a little lopsided so I'm glad that the Gocco forced me to design differently. It also helped to expand the types of images I use. I would have taken forever to make something as detailed as the "Barnacle Whale" or "Treasure patterns" with sewn fabric and, honestly, I'm more of the instant gratification type.

Here is my first try:

"Treasure Patterns"

"Barnacle Whale"

I'm pretty delighted with my Gocco and plan to make lots and lots of things with it forever! In fact, I plan to have a whole Etsy shop ( packed with my limited edition prints and other treats by mid January.

I bet you are wondering...
What is this Gocco?
Where did I purchase such a fine thing?
How do I use it?
What's the news on the Gocco?
Where can I see more prints?


Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to try screen printing for a long time. Maybe the Gocco would be a way to get started. I usually hand print all my fabric.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

It is a great way to try screen printing and I think you'd really like it.