Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bam! Bam!

I just put up two new Gocco prints for sale on Etsy. I'm trying to get lots of items up to make my shop look nice and plump and also so I can get going on new things. I have so many ideas! Today's new releases are "Dripping with Jewels" and "P U S S Y".

"P U S S Y" will probably get lots of attention but it may have to be a special rare someone who buys it to hang in their house. It is a little naughty. Perhaps I should give one to my mother for her birthday and make her blush. Pussy willows are my favorite plant. We had a huge pussy willow plant in our back yard when I was a kid and I would often fill my pockets with the fuzzy buds to enjoy them wherever I went. A few years ago, I found a tiny windbreaker jacket at my parents house that used to be mine. Every pocket (even the little chest one) was stuffed with pussy willow buds! I have always been into little textural joys. My mother says I was a very tactile child obsessed with softness. No wonder I love my bunnies so much!

"Dripping With Jewels" also depicts one of my favorite things from childhood. I loved chandeliers and I wanted to have one in my bedroom very badly. A big one! That was probably around the same time as I was obsessed with having a canopy bed and satin sheets. Sadly, I still have a taste for the finer things. Again, I quote my mother who says I've got, "champagne tastes on a beer budget". "Dripping with jewels" is just such a sumptuous phrase. I wish I could use it more often. I probably made this whole piece just for the title.


Anonymous said...

I love the chandelier print! I too have a thing for fancy & shiny things :) The pussywillow print is lovely, and I certainly would buy one that said willow. :) I love the artistic juxtaposition of something soft and fragile with the raunchy word. It certainly has appeal :)

Anonymous said...

love the chandelier print!