Sunday, February 10, 2008

A great ark of popular imagery

I have a job other than my bakery job that I work at only one night per week. This job is at a small cafe that is painfully short on customers. We sell coffee, tea, juice and four kinds of pie. After I've made the coffee and sliced the pie, there is not much to do except sit and wait. I get a little lonely but never bored because I bring my sketchbook. Many of my designs were formed while sitting on an uncomfortable stool and staring at four kinds of pie illuminated in a florescent case.

Last time I was there, I drew out a scene of a great ark floating away with all the recent trends I could fit in. I must admit that I am often asking myself, "am I being too trendy with my drawings?". Perhaps. But I decided that I shouldn't worry about that question anymore and just make what I like. Well, apparently I'd been suppressing my desire to draw squid, cupcakes and nesting dolls because they all came out at once in this drawing.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out and I learned a lot while making it. I drew the whole thing out in ink, scanned the drawing and then digitally colored everything in. I have never tried to do much with Photoshop before so I took a long time to finish the whole thing. I paintbucketed my bum off. Now I need to find a place to do a high quality print for me. I'm hoping to be able to have this for sale on Etsy in a week or so.

Here is the rundown of all the popular things I managed to fit in the ark:
one giant squid
two jellyfish
one anchor
a pirate flag
one retro-colored owl
one giant anthropomorphic cupcake
a unicorn and a rainbow
a deer
one little grey squirrel
a sad bunny
two matryoshka nesting dolls
a raincloud with lightning
a large yetti
an umbrella
one cactus
a sentimental robot
little red mushrooms on a stump
a gold tooth
a snail
a diamond
paper airplanes
a ninja (which of course you couldn't notice due to his skills in disguise)
a handlebar moustache
Last but not least I'd like to point out that the ark is not made of wood. it is faux bois.


Anonymous said...
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jewelstreet said...

lol. I love the picture!

I think we should always just follow our hearts when it comes to creating whether it's trendy or not.

Anonymous said...

this is funky fresh and cute. go for it!

sewserious said...

I love this! Very neat. :)

Sarika Srivastav said...
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Anonymous said...

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