Friday, April 18, 2008


Some friends from college are having a show at Montserrat's 301 Gallery right now. I went to the opening and was so impressed and had a smashing time. I hadn't seen these friends in such a long while and had to overcome the psychological hurdle of appearing back at my old school. For some reason I always work myself up into thinking that people will be mad that I haven't stayed in contact enough. Of course, I really shouldn't fret so much because time after time I've found that seeing dear friends after a long break rarely ends in resentment and often is a happy reunion filled with hugs!

The show looked great and I was really pleased to see new work from my pals.

After the opening, Justin and I headed out to see the movie, "Rape of Europa" at the Cabot Cinema which is a really old fashioned building with murals, balconies and loads and loads of velvet and gold. I love seeing films there even though the seats are krinkly like diapers. "Rape of Europa" was amazing and so sad. It was about the theft of art by the Nazis and the people who tried to protect the artworks from being destroyed. Justin wrote a review over here. For me, the story was very interesting because it focused a lot on how the artworks from certain communities shaped the identity of the people in that place and the way morale was lost when their art was pillaged.

When I feel self deprecating, I often worry that art isn't important at all. I was glad to go to see the shows because they were a good reminder that it is. Bigtime.

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