Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cinema Cafe update

I'm happy to hear that so many people are interested in what I've been up to with the cafe renovation. I also appreciate all the thoughtful tips I was given for how to tackle the redesign.

So far I've won and lost a few battles but I believe I'm definitely on the road to making a friendly atmosphere. I did lots of painting tonight and I like the color but I'm second guessing it a little bit. My first choice was a warm white to make up for the fact that the cafe has no natural lighting. My boss is adamantly against "cold white walls" so we chose a springy lemongrass green that brightens and compliments the dark sage green hallway outside. The space is a mess now but it's really transforming and looks so much bigger and cleaner. My only reservation with the color is that it is a bit more yellow than I expected and is pretty punchy. I plan on incorporating natural wood furniture and a sisal rug to hopefully tone it down and make the place feel warmer.

Also, we are keeping the chalkboard but making it half as big. We were concerned about the kiddies generating lots of chalk dust while other customers sipped their tea. To replace the lost chalkboard space, I'm adding a felt storyboard in the kids corner and my project is cutting out lots of movie monsters and heroes from felt for them to play with. The small ones get a picnic table too which is unbearably quaint. I adore tiny things made for tiny people.

I have also been doing a ton of junk exorcising in the cafe but I managed to undo all that yesterday when I made the pilgrimage to Ikea and bought rugs, lamps and tons of little things.

I was thrilled when I found an artist on Etsy to display in the cafe. Her shop name is Elloh and she creates paintings based off lots of my favorite movies. I'm pretty happy to have the opportunity to showcase Etsy talent in the Cinema Cafe.

I'm trying to remain positive and energetic because I truly am thankful to have a job where I can use my skills and am given responsibility on big decisions but I feel a little bit shaken. I was so opposed to the original aesthetic that I thought the public would really embrace the change and that the revamp could be a big part of turning the place into a success, but as people walked past I heard lots of , "Why are they changing such a cute place?" and "Aww... I liked the way it was before.". It's a very strange phenomenon because I'd bet that most of those people who were so fond of the cafe had never even stepped inside. I sure hadn't served them before. It's very disconcerting nonetheless.

I am determined to rock their nay-saying faces off. They'd better at least like my granola trail-mix buffet snack bar-stravaganza idea ( really need to think up a catchier title for that!).

Ps: The color I'm painting in the photo is the primer. I know it looks unattractive so I didn't want to worry anyone.


High Desert Diva said...

Oh yay! Progress photos! I see you're wearing a ventilator...smart girl. VOCs are nasty.

Nothing like a shopping trip to Ikea (with someone else's money)

A suggestion for the other 1/2 of the chalkboard...they're fun on bathroom walls, too.

Love your idea with the children's section, btw.

Keep up the good work.

Off to check out that Etsy shop

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I bet the "new" will be so impressive people won't even remember the old. Also, you will probably attract a younger crowd and people who are generally more open to things like that.

How about the "grazing bar"? Too prairie?

Christine said...

The shop was definitely in need of a 'pick me up' and they certainly picked the right person for the job. Can't wait to see it completed. Visited Elloh and there are some awesome prints that will look great on your finished cafe walls.

Agent M. said...

That's great you're using elloh's work- I've been wanting one of her Dwight from The Office prints for ages.

People are funny- they want change, so you change & they complain... I bet it's going to look great!


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks for all the encouragement and good ideas! I'm feeling confident again!