Monday, June 23, 2008

Eenie Meanie Miney Mo

Through an age old random picking process I've determined the winner of my first giveaway. Melanie of Clever Violet is the worthy recipient of a llama notebook and a couple other secret surprises. Take a look at her shop; she's a real whiz! The image above is her lovable and overly enthusiastic design.

Thanks to all who entered. I got a huge kick out of all the link submissions. My personal favorite would have to be the frolicking goat kid video from Idyll Hands. It's sublime!


idyll hands said...

It's certainly the best "pick me up" video out there. Every time I watch it I can't help but laugh from extreme happiness. I'm not sure when I turned into such a sap, but there you go.

Christine said...

I just happened to check out the 'happy goat' and smiled from ear to ear. It certainly is a 'pick me up'. I'll have to save that one. I liked the idea of your contest :o) Hope you're feeling better.

melroska said...

thanks for the intro to the clever violet shop, I love it!