Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Face-off Finale!

I would like to extend a heaping pile of thanks to those who voted for my design in Etsy's Design Face-Off. I've been waiting (im)patiently for the results and they announced in the Storque today that my design won! What a feeling!

The labs printed my bunny volcano on an array of colorful bandannas. To be honest, this leaves me with mixed emotions and I sincerely hope I do not come across as ungrateful with my criticism. I think everyone assumed that the winning design would be printed on a tshirt (as was the case in the past two face-offs). I made the design with a shirt in mind and made styling decisions based on that. I probably would have designed something with patterning and repetition for a kerchief (something that would still look good when folded).

I'm hoping that the labs may print a few tees or totes if enough people ask really nicely!

I'll also be totally happy with the whole thing if Rob Kalin (Etsy's founder) decides to get it tattooed across his chest. That would be cool.

Thanks again to all the voters and to my competition companions (somethingshidinginhere) and Juliapott) it was an honor to be in your virtual company!

PS: I am very impressed with the fantastic modeling skills of Claire and that mysterious other fella! (photo by Etsylabs)


Anonymous said...

-shauna & stephen
S. H. in H.

Cicada Studio said...


I do hear what you're saying about the hankies vs. tees and that does sort of stink, but no one could've guessed the plan and they still picked yours and



Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Aw you're the BEST cheerleader ever!

Christine said...

I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you, but you NEVER have your phone on :o) Listen to Justin's voicemail :o) I've already placed an order for (4) bandanas, however, I myself, was hoping for a tote :o( Nonetheless, you won. Hooray!!

alice said...


marceline said...

YAY, you won. Congratulations! I really wanted a tote bag though, boo.

idyll hands said...


I was hoping for a shirt too... or a bag would be awesome. I just haven't used bandannas since forever.

Christine said...

As quoted on etsy, "The community also expressed so much interest in the designs of JuliaPott and somethingshidinghere that we decided to print their designs on Etsy Merch as well.

Check out the shop for some amazing JuliaPott tote bags as well as Etsy stationary sets with the designs of somethingshidinghere."

So, you ALL won, but it sounds like JuliaPott gets the tote. What's Up With That?

T.Allen-Mercado said...