Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am very forgetful.

I am to forgetfulness what Mr. Magoo is to blindness. I am known for it in a way. Well, I just remembered that I forgot something that I wanted to share last week. I've always planned on participating in Illustration Friday and last week's theme was "Forgotten" so I thought it would make a good debut. I made some sketches, tucked them away and forgot about the whole thing until today. Unbelievable! It's too late to share them on the official website now so I'll show them here. I hope to be a regular contributor to Illustration Friday because it seems like a friendly place. I'll make another attempt at this weeks theme "punchline" and hopefully get my entry in on time!

Both of these drawings illustrate recent forgets of mine. I think the first one is obvious (and hopefully not too crass for my fair readers) and the second one shows a little treasure I found a few days ago in the trunk of the car. Yes, I left a banana in my lunchbox for a long long time and was reminded by a swarm of well fed fruit flies. I got a stern look for that one.

PS: The design face off that I was in is over but the results are not out yet. I'll update soon. I'll also share some cafe renovation pics too (just for you HighDesertDiva!).


Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I'm right there with you. I went to the store yesterday to buy every dad I know a gift, and came home with a load of things... except I forgot my own dad.

Yeah, nice!

Christine said...

What a nice surprise it was to visit your blog this morning and see something new. You know how I look forward to this. I check your blog every morning like other people read their local daily newspaper. This is a much happier read and it keeps me connected to you two. P.S. Condoms? :o) Sorry, had to say something about that one. Happy Sunday :o)

Angie said...

Uh-oh...hope you don't get any surprises as a result of your forgetfulness!