Saturday, July 26, 2008

~ blogging hiatus until mid August ~

I'm not complaining.....but I've been working nonstop for the past week. I mean it. I've only stopped for necessary life functions.

The upside is that all this work is in preparation for my upcoming week of vacation! I am going on my annual family trip to my Uncle's "rustic" cabin in Maine for a full week of nothing. This is my favorite kind of nothing. There is no cable, phone, paved road, shower, internet or anything and I'll be reading and drawing and playing chinese checkers with my mother and father and baking wild blueberry muffins.

So, I'm officially taking a blog hiatus to finish up my mega work week and go on a trip. When I return I'll surely have loads of new drawings to share because I'll have nothing else to do!

The photo above is of my father enjoying a book at the cabin. It's too quaint!

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Christine said...

Sounds well-deserved. I will miss your blog postings but going to Uncle's cabin is most relaxing and everyone needs that kind of away time. So don't worry about us here - we'll hold down this fort til you return. Enjoy and don't forget the bug repellent (even though you're against that stuff - those Maine mosquitos/gnats are brutal :o) ::poor Sadie::