Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kittens cure my ills

I've had the most challenging couple of days at work. At the moment, the cafe is a bit of a "fustercluck" and I am feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. In these dark days, my most successful stress relief techniques revolve around cute animals. After one particularly disappointing work day, I went to a friends house for a cook out and we all had the extreme pleasure of playing with six frisky kittens! After I nibbled a couple kitty ears, I felt much better. (Photos from the Cat Party are here.)

I am doing my best to stay happy during the process of leaving my job at the bakery and plunging myself headlong into the cafe. Today's cure for the horror of spilling half a gallon of steamed milk all over myself and the brick floor three times in a row (Seriously, I can't believe it either! The steam wand is truly ferocious.) was a fresh sprinkle-encrusted donut and some seagull watching.

I think I'll be able to pull through with a steady supply of bunny kisses and deep breaths.


Christine said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue and overwhelmed these days. The finished product of the cafe will cure all. Looks like the kitty party was the beginning of your healing process - adorable little creatures. I want another one. As for the bakery, it's right up the street so you can visit frequently and it will seem like you're still part of it. One cannot live without bread and other goodies from the bakery.

jessicajane said...

thats the cutest kitty picture!! kitties make everything better.

Anonymous said...

Hello!? Why didn't you bring one home to meeee!!! They are so freaking cute I can't stand it.