Friday, August 01, 2008


(I don't even remember what that stands for.)

I just wanted to let you know that I'm officially on vacation now and I'll be away from the internet for a whole week. I've just finished packing my bags and sorting my travel snacks. I'm all about travel snacks! My big packing dilemma this year was deciding what tea to pack while I'm out "roughing it". I settled on Moroccan mint green tea, mango ceylon and chamomile with a small package of my girliest grapefruit vanilla white tea to make me feel like a lady while out in the woods. I also packed up some anise biscotti for my mother and I to share. It's our favorite by far!

I'm so excited to be on the verge of a whole cluster of days purely devoted to pleasure activities! I've brought a few sketchbooks, a copy of Lenny Bruce Is Dead as well as No One Belongs Here More Than You, my swimsuit and some fine snacks. What more could I want? Well, I will miss my bunnies for sure but hopefully the loons and ducks will keep me company.

photo of our lake view by blue boo boo


Christine said...

ttfn = ta ta for now (tigger lingo in Hundred Acre Woods :o)

Orchid Grey said...

where in Maine are you visiting? I'm from Maine. I like it there and believe it to be a superior vacation destination.

Anonymous said...

hope you have a great vacation!

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

have fun!
(i love travel snacks too. they are a very important part of every trip!)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Hi Julie,
I just got back from Oxford and stayed on lake thompson. maine really is a wonderful place to vacation!