Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cinema Cafe Wrapup

I expect that this will be the last time I mention the Cinema Cafe renovation project that has been a major recipient of my creative energy since April. I've been talking about it for months with nothing to show so I'm pleased to have pictures from the grand opening.

I have finally left my position of being the designer/manager. I quit awhile ago but lurked around until now. This renovation project was really a dream job but the whole experience turned out to be a roller coaster with major disappointments that required me to have obscene amounts of optimism and endurance. I have taken a deep breath and swallowed a fairly large lump of indignant negativity and I can finally truly be happy for the success of the cafe. Even though I will not be a part of the cafe, I still want it to be a great and successful place. I love the people and everyone has worked very very hard to try and make it work.

It was refreshing to see the realization of months and months of work. I'm proud of the job I did and will return as a customer. I will have to try really hard not to rearrange things every time I go in though.

I made a big set of images on Flickr of the cafe before and after so head there to see what I've done. I apologize for the grainy images!


Christine said...

Oh, there you are. I've missed your 'blogging' although I'm sure it's only because you have been busy making all kinds of goodies for craft fairs and such. Kudos on the cafe A-N-D your attitude toward it. I know how hard that must be for you. ttfn

Daphne said...

wow, looking back at the old photos of the cafe really shows how different it did a fantastic job! I hope you visit should bring in a bunny sometime and he can have tea with you ;)

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Well, you should be proud. You still made a difference... and it looks great- and a happy bustling place, too! Good work, lady!