Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ghosts and toast

Three little ghostesses,
sitting on postesses,
eating buttered toastesses,
greasing up their fistesses,
up to the wristesses.
Oh! What little beastesses
to be having such feastesses.

Today I made prints based off of my very favorite childhood poem. I have tried to illustrate these verses on a few other occasions but was never satisfied. With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I should try again. I really like how they turned out this time! Either I've become better or my standards have gone down!


Andrea said...

too cute!

Christine said...

I never head of this poem, but I love it. What a great print for the bakery during this busy, busy time in Salem.

Daphne said...

great font, and I love the colors! I'll miss you at the theatre :(

melroska said...

I really like it. Great choice of colors!

Jillian Dister said...

your stuff is cute!!