Monday, November 17, 2008

By request:

Acorn in action. Two minutes of couch exploration. I promise that my blog has not turned into an Acorn fansite but I just can't help myself right now; he's so delightful!


Anonymous said...

Holy freaking cuteness! I'm behind on my blog reading and I come to discover you have adopted the most seriously adorable pet ever! (Sorry bunnies!) How freaking cute! I want more, more I tell you!

And Acorn is the bestest name for that little cutie. Can I say cute anymore in this comment?

Jess said...

so cute!

susan said...

oh geez, can i eat him up?? he is so adorable!!! i want one so bad.
acorn is a doll, and i for one dont mind all the acorn goodies

Orchid Grey said...

ummm, this is incredibly cute. I want to come over and snuggle him. you sent me a text a couple of weeks back, I didn't get it because I was in Maine all it told me was that, hey, you received a text from elise, but you cant read it.