Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home again.

I'm still in Connecticut visiting my family. Justin and I had a really nice Christmas that didn't leave us completely exhausted for once.

I'm spending the rest of my week here cleaning out my old bedroom and my parent's basement. So far, it feels more like an archeological dig than real cleaning. I found a huge box of photos I'd forgotten about and my mom found some old 8mm film and set up her projector for a show. The process is slow because we are reminiscing so much and quite challenging due to sentimentality. I am running up against my desire to save my special old stuffed animals and costume jewelry.

This trip also has me experiencing something I haven't felt in years. Boredom. I deliberately chose to not bring any art projects to work on while I was here so I could have a break, but my parents go to bed so early that I've taken up puttering softly around their house for entertainment.

I miss making stuff. I'll probably make an emergency run to the craft store tomorrow.

The fine little wood house above is made by Somethings Hiding in Here.


Beth said...

Your own studio should be so very exciting! As far as getting rid of the sentimental things, get rid of it if you havent used it in 'x' amount of years, or has a very specail meaning (like how gave it to you/ when you recived it). also think about any homeless or womens shelters. I am sure a little kid would love to et your well loved old teddy bear!

Christine said...

So how is that project of cleaning coming along? It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun, isn't it? Especially when you're distracted by furry little bunnies on the loose :o)

hmstrjam said...

Happy New year to you, family and bunny!

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