Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two new prints to share!

I've been surprisingly efficient these past two days despite having a really miserable cold. I rarely moved from the couch but since drawing and printing are not very strenuous tasks, I created two new things!

The first print I made is surely the simplest design I've ever created but It's also my new favorite. This print is my illustration of a bunny's nose and mouth but it also looks like it could be a symbol of some sort. I'm trying to be more mysterious. This print will be available in my shop later this evening (unless I fall asleep on the couch instead).

The next little print is of a snail on a log and these will be used as my thank you notes included with orders. I like that they match my snail mailers.

Well, I'm still not feeling better so I expect I'll have some new designs to share tomorrow. Funny how I'm more productive when I should be resting.

Oh, I also gave myself a new hairdo. Here is the before and after.


ink and ginger said...

Oh my god, the bunny nose is ADORABLE.

Amanda said...

so cute! I love the snail mail imagery. I hope you guys can make it to ellO on Friday!

Anonymous said...

This sweet simple bunny nose is killing me softly...