Thursday, February 05, 2009

A handful of fine things

Here are five things that I am especially happy about right now.

1. Tomorrow is the grand opening of the Cute Show at the ellO Gallery and I can't wait to see my work on display and meet the other artists. Ah, what to wear?

2. A new machine has debuted that is a self-contained screenprinting device much like the Gocco. It's called the YUDU and looks like it has the potential to satisfy me in some way after I run out of supplies for my beloved Gocco printer. This gives me hope.

3. Etsy and Apartment Therapy have teamed up for a new creative competition called "Do It Now!" which encourages everyone to finally tackle a small household project in a creative way. I have so many ideas for fixing up my place that I never start so I am glad for the little nudge. Actually, the possibility of winning a $250 Etsy shopping spree is kind of a big nudge. I've already begun to spruce up the entryway to our apartment.

4. I am going on a business/fun trip! My old friend Ashley (of Fern Animals) and I are headed to New York City next week for the premire of Handmade Nation and to hear a lecture by Faythe Levine. I can't wait!

5. I finally thought of a concept for my first attempt at zinemaking and, by popular request, it will be overflowing with bunny illustrations.

I'll elaborate on all these super things in other posts but I just felt like bursting and wanted to share. Let me know what you're especially overjoyed about and help keep this glee-bubble intact!


chez-sucre-chez said...

now i'm even more bummed that i wont be able to make the opening for the cute show tomorrow! i'm so glad you left a comment on my blog -- because i've now found your blog -- which is fantastic. i'm looking forward to checking in on you and seeing you work through your list of creative to-do's!

jessicajane said...

oh how lovely!

definitely do the etsy competition! i'd love to see what you could come up with.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. That YUDU is wooohoo... (Painful video, but amazing lil' machine there!!!) Thanks for sharing all this fun stuff. Can't wait to see the bunnyful zine :)

Anonymous said...

happy lists are a very good thing!

I am excited about the possibility of a bunny-filled zine, and the YUDU thingy - I've been wanting to have a go at gocco printing for ages, but it seems my chance has gone :(

Hope you have a lovely time at the Cute Show opening.

Jen Collins said...

i've heard about this yudu too! it'd be nice for a future in easy home screen-printing, but i'd hate to have to spend heaps of money again on buying a machine. :(

Sara said...

Aaah! That YUDU thing is awesome! Am I an idiot? I can't find out how much it costs!

idyll hands said...

What a good post - things you're happy about.

I'm excited about the Apartment Therapy thing - I need to find something to "do". I have lots to "do" but I need to pick one thing for the project :)