Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bunnies falling asleep

I have been pretty stressed lately and though the source of my stress is a really exciting opportunity, I am still worrying about money and risk and time and all that loathsome stuff. Well, I was siting on my couch, using my list-making skills to try and break down my burdens into manageable chunks when I noticed that Hodge and Yoshimi had fallen deeply asleep under the coffee table. Their faces twitched simultaneously with bunny dreams and Hodge woke himself a couple of times by letting his neck loosen and consequently faceplanting into the floor. This scene made me very content and I felt my blood pressure lowering and the jumble of tasks untangling in my mind as I enjoyed their bunny magic. 

I even managed to catch a short video of the end of their nap so I could share the therapeutic effects. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and press play. If you need a higher dosage of sleepy animal sweetness, allow me to direct you to my new favorite blog, "Cute Things Falling Asleep".


Liz Smith said...

Ha! This is perfect. I saw it on your Flickr and had already emailed a link to my mom to use for just this purpose :) Well done and thanks!

Annette said...

That was TOO CUTE! :D

Jess littlebunny.etsy.com said...

that video made me so happy!! i love bunnies so much. i also like the list of goals, stop motion video is on my list too.