Monday, March 02, 2009

PequitoBun and Ranunculae are nice!

I made it safely to Design Hive thanks to the heroic helpfulness of my upstairs neighbor. Whew!

The event was tidily organized and all the vendors were real pros. I also had the lucky surprise of sharing an extra-long table with Sherry of PequitoBun. I met Sherry a couple of years ago at the ReCraft fair and we bonded because we both have beloved pet bunnies (her little black lop is named Pequito). I had a happy laughter-filled time catching up with her and geeking out about our pets.

I also met fellow gocco-printer and blogger Maeg of Ranunculae. She was very friendly and I hope to see her again soon at the Twist Fair in Northampton (I'm crossing my fingers that we both will be accepted as vendors!).

These two new friends made the event worthwhile even though business was slow. I am hoping that it was just the foul weather that kept the customers away. I still have high hopes for my future dates at Design Hive.

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::pequitobun:: said...

hi elise!! i hope your next date goes better as well!! i feel personally responsible no matter what you say :{

we fed pequito a small slice of banana and he nibbled a bit but thumbed his nose at the rest!! maybe it'll take some time for him to start loving it... he didn't use to like carrots either and now he loves them!!

best of luck with the salem grant apps!! i hope you get a spot!!

sherry xx