Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 day blog backlog!

I've been awfully quiet lately.

Sometimes I want to blog my fingers off and other times I put it on my to-do list and then avoid writing for a whole week. I'm sorry to be so inconsistent but I'm a bit of a hedonist with little self-discipline. I just can't seem to force myself to do anything I'm not in the mood to do.

Well, I truly appreciate your patience. Lets catch up!

I had another round of vending at Design Hive. The crowds were better and I had the pleasure of chatting all afternoon with fellow Etsy addict Erin of Walker Silverworks and meeting Laurie May Coyle. I also made the most wonderful trade with Jisun who makes the most perfect ceramics with tiny zebras and giraffes perched on the edge. She got one of my swamp lovers prints and I got this magnificent happy giraffe! Most notably, I am very proud of myself for getting from Salem to Boston by train, foot and subway while carrying my entire craft fair display! I have decided that this feat earns me craft fair warrior status even though many kind strangers helped me with my precarious bundles.

I got sick and had to visit the doctor due to a crazy bump/bite I got on my arm that made me feverish for a couple of days. I'm better now though.

I took 250 photos of Hodge and Yoshimi because they are adorable. I had the decency to only post a few on Flickr.

I made a new friend! Theresa of Simple Moth is a photographer whos work I'd admired before I realized she was my neighbor in Salem. For real!

I totally destroyed the peaceful order in my home. Justin and I (in an effort to become even more cliche) decided to forsake creature comforts for art. We have a very tiny apartment and I'm needing a studio so badly that we have crammed some living room furniture into our kitchen/dining area and now the only sizeable room in our home has been swallowed by a massive argyle whale. I'm kind of excited about the opportunities that this space holds but a little sad that there is no room for any guests at all. Looks like we will start taking long walks with our friends instead of inviting them over for tea.

Also, Happy Easter for those who celebrate it! Personally, I celebrate bunnies. Today is also our 4yr anniversary of having Yoshimi. She was dropped off at our apartment by someone who no longer wanted her and had to have her out before they left for Easter. Imagine! Who gets rid of a bunny on Easter? Well, It's certainly been our luck that they did.

Wait! Theres more! Molly of Blackberry Crafts has given this blog a Lemonade Award for positive attitude. That makes me feel nice. Thanks Molly! If I may toot my horn a bit, I also got a little Etsy front page action, a bunnyy-ful feature on M on the side and a mention on Design is Mine. Holy woah what a week!

Thanks for your long attention spans!

Oh wait! One more thing... I saw a fox!


Christine said...

Thanks for the morning read. It was fun. Can't wait to see some pics of how you rearranged the place. Congrats on a) getting to Design Hive; b) mention on M on the side & Design is Mine; c) receiving a lemonade award (you deserve it); and thank you for the pics on Flickr - very cute. ttfn :o)

Theresa said...

Oh hey that is ME. :D I am a flattered little pancake now.

That bug bite/fever sounds horrific! Any idea what did it?

And, on the flickr front - that is the story of my life. Take 200 photos, upload maybe three or five. haha!

We have the opposite problem apartment wise. We have too much space and I am too cheap to buy furniture to fill it up. I think living in a 300-square-foot studio in Allston really impaired our judgement on needed space.

Orchid Grey said...

I guess you'll just have to visit friends now that you can't have them over! You should come over for snacks and kittens one of these days and see my new studio!

ink and ginger said...

Aw, Yoshimi (they don't believe me?)! I hear you on the rearranging/too-small-for-friends thing. The major draw of this apartment we're moving into is that it's in the upper range of our budget, but it's TWO BEDROOMS, which means we'll have a living room to entertain and have dinner/dance/both parties, a bedroom, and a smaller room where my sister will sleep when she stays with us for school breaks and where I can work late without keeping my boyfriend up. (I guess one of the benefits of moving to a city that has as bad a rep - undeservedly, I'm discovering - as Oakland is that the rent is pretty reasonable for the Bay Area.)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Christine: I know you've been missing your morning updates so I'm especially sorry for my abscense.

Theresa, I am totally adopting your "flattered as a pancake" phrase!

Julie, Yes! yes! I want to do that. You know I can't resist a kittens and snacks invite.

Pen and Paper (I just realized I don't know your real name!) you're the mysterious many moniker-ed ink and ginger and hands for holding. You are correct about where Yoshimi got her name. Her personality surely matches her robot-fighting inspiration. I'm excited for you that you have a new place with studio potential!

MarmeeCraft said...

Oh what an adorable little bowl!! :)

And what a scary bug bite! Perhaps a spider!? We are forever shewing little frightening looking spiders away in our house! eeep!

Happy Day to you!! :)

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