Monday, June 29, 2009

I found a hamster.

This is kind of old news but I wanted to share my found poster with you because I hung it up at my bakery workplace and people seemed to like it so much that I figured it could be worth a blog mention.

Here is the story of the hamster:

I have an elderly neighbor who knows about my fondness for little pets and he knocked on my door awhile ago and told me that he'd found a guinea pig hanging out in our apartment building's trash can shelter. I got pretty excited because I have always wanted a guinea pig and though I wouldn't go out and get one (since we're already fairly overrun with little creatures). If a guinea pig came to me, I figured I could keep it and love it forever.

I gathered my critter-catching accessories (carrier, gloves, a banana and some reading material for the stakeout) and waited for the guinea pig to appear. After a little while, I spotted a tiny face peering out at me and realized that the trash-shelter dweller was actually a hamster (an exceptionally cute hamster with calico spots). To my dismay, an hour or two of my most enticing cooing and banana brandishing left me hamsterless and I opted to put out a have-a-heart trap and wait until morning.

When I woke up, I was greeted by my neighbor at my door with the trapped hamster! Hooray! I made a little nest area in a rubbermaid bin and started making these posters to put up around town. I am very skeptical that the hamster was actually lost and not just abandoned but I figured I would give it a try.

After only a short while a nice new home was found for the hamster! Win!

If you particularly enjoy the art of the found poster. I highly recommend this book.


Sarah said...

That is a great post - I really appreciate it. I have a friend who found a hamster while swimming at a reservoir in college. She shared it with friends, and paid for it to go to the vet. I think she'll like your story too.

kendall.micayla said...

oh i love the poster. if i saw it somewhere i would definitely come get it. :)

Erin W said...

I love that sign and the story, I'm glad he lived happily ever after!

Waxy said...

What a cute poster! The hamster you drew looks so happy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your poster!

That being said, and I am more of an optimist, the hamster could have very well escaped. I had the Houdini of hamsters when I was a kid who would escape his Habittrail and do midnight forages down the hall, into the kitchen and stuff his cheeks with dog food. He'd then trek back to my bedroom and stash it in the radiator. He would do the trip several times because when I'd finally manage to catch Crackers, we would then clean several handfuls of dog kibble out of my radiator.

One time I found him crawling on my back in the middle of the night.

He might have just been exceptionally clever. None of his successors managed to get loose. By the way, since I'm going down memory lane, Crackers inspired a 4th grade story "Crackers in Florida" that won me a spot in the Young Authors conference in our district. (He never did travel to Florida.)

Orchid Grey said...

Elise, I love this and I'm so glad you found him a home. Also, Fog and Thistle's story is extremely funny. My housemate had a hamster named MaryJane freshman year, she liked to hide in shoes and eat generic KIX cerial.

Shalyn said...

That is awesome. You little hamster advocate you. That poster is adorable, hehe

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks very much! I'm enjoying all the hamster stories this post has stirred up!

Rachel, I'm glad to hear that you're optimistic about how the ham became homeless. I'll try and have more faith in petowners. Sadly, my experiences so far have led me to feeling like some people treat small pets as disposable.

Also, I'd love to read "Crackers in Florida" btw.

Anonymous said...

The found hamster has been named Drifter and very much enjoys lettuce and running.

O'Reilly Ink said...

I hate when people think a hamster is a guinea pig. I've always had guinea pigs. I have two right now named Poof and Bean..they are quite the pair. I suggest you should get a pair of guineas anyway!!

alex*at*aufdemaur said...

Me too! Guinea pigs make great little friends! Mine are Milton Vonschnuble and Mr. Royal Nutkins. (milton and nutkins for short lol)

LOVE the poster!! makes me smile ^__^

aimee said...

I used to have escape artist hamsters as well. an entire family of them (5). it was pretty annoying especially since one night they all got out, nibbled through the dryer ducts and went outside. we got most of them back, but one decided she liked living in the abandoned house next door better than living with a couple of kids so we'd see her and leave food out for her, but never entice her back to captivity. I do not know what happened to her.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is unrelated to your post, but I thought a little game of "guess who" might be fun...

I knew you and Justin waaaay back in the day. Heck, I knew you before you knew Justin.

You have 5 guesses before I reveal myself :)

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I had no idea of the hamster's escape artist reputation! I am actually kind of impressed by the little furballs now.

Anonymous! What fun... Lets see about these five guesses (and don't leave me hanging in mystery later!). So, you knew me BEFORE Justin. I can hardly remember that far back!

1. Tavia?
2. Alana P.?
3. Rebecca W.?
4. Lace?
5. Steve T.?

Did I get you?

Anonymous said...

You did not guess me correctly.

I'll narrow your search field by roughly 50%. I have a Y chromosome.

I stumbled upon you by sheer coincidence, and I have to say I'm not surprised by your artistic endeavors. You were always very talented. I remember the jewelry you used to wear, which you made. Marvelous.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Gaaaah! This is such a challenge. I hope you don't get offended if I go through another five guesses without catching you.

I am going to guess the name Mike first off because I thought of a few possible Mikes and I am sneakily trying to get extra guesses.

2. Nate?
3. Kyle?
4. Jake?
5. Colin?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I won't be offended.

You still didn't get me. I think I have a very potent hint, and combined with another should give it up.

Ms. Hilmar & New Years Eve at your house(I think it was 2000, might be 2001). You were with Justin at that point.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Ok! now I think you've given yourself up :).

Jay Thibodeau? eh?

If I'm wrong this time I'm 100% befuddled. I remember you came to my New Year's party with your girlfriend (Melissa?) and I wasn't actually with Justin that night. But, the entire evening was designed to lure him to me :D. Ahhh High School.

Mrs. Hilmar is kind of a confusing hint because I never had her as a teacher. I vaguely remember you had a big crush on her though. Am I right about that? Though, If I remember right, half the student population was a little in love with her.

Jason Thibodeau said...


Strange, I thought I remember you in spanish class with Amy and I. You'll have to excuse my memory, it was almost 10 years ago!

Melissa is my fiance now. I'm glad to see you and Justin are still together.

into the trees said...

that poster is beyond adorable! I grew up with many pet hamsters, so this story was the most heartwarming <3

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Jay! It is very nice to hear from you. That is so neat how you're still with Melissa. We're both lucky that we found our mates so early!

I remember having a class with you and Amy. I think it was English with the wacky Mrs. Oliner.

I'm curious about what you've been up to lately and how you're doing. If you ever feel like conversing in a less awkward media, please do send me an email.

Thanks for adding a little mystery to my week anyway!

julia said...

It would have made my day if I had found that hamster poster, in fact, it would be on my wall right now!

Modern Crush said...

That poster ROCKS! I love that the hamster has a good personality:)

Bob the Fish said...
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Bob the Fish said...

Love the poster and like reading your posts! Are you gonna collect them into a little book one day?! I'd buy it for sure :-)

Just got myself some of the shirts that you designed for Snorgtees - great images! Thanks for sharing!

Virginia Kraljevic said...

That is the cutest poster, ever. :D

Patrizia said...

Amazing! Your found poster is probably the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! :D

I am so glad he found a home!

krys kirkpatrick said...

You are very witty! The only other person who makes me chuckle as much as you is my sister and best friend. Love reading your blog.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Bob the Fish, I'm so glad you snagged a shirt! I appreciate it :).