Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gocco box journals

I mentioned yesterday that I'd made a gift for someone from a used Gocco box and today I felt like showing it off.

The fact that Gocco supplies have gone out of production has led me to not just be a hoarder of supplies for future use but also a saver of spent ones. I love the bold yellow boxes that the Gocco bulbs come in and I've been flattening them out and holding on to them for a few months. I am so glad my pack-rat ways paid off when I had the idea to have them turned into spiral bound notebooks!

I think they look pretty slick and cost less than $4 each to bind at the nearby copy shop. I also used the sides of the boxes to make bookmarks and the tab ends as stickers,

Of course I definitely couldn't part with the burned out flashbulbs that die two by two with every edition either. Until I think of something else, I've been storing them in some glass jars on the shelf above my desk. Maybe if I run out of jars I'll string them up on our Christmas tree.


kathryn said...

the journals are a great idea! so creative, as always.

i'm kind of wary of spent bulbs, since the box has a warning about their toxicity (see Perhaps best to let them go...

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks Kathryn! I forgot about the bulb toxicity. I think I will just keep them in the closed jar and look but never touch.

DangAndBlast! said...

I don't know... that California sticker seems to be put on everything (even saw it on a rental car, affixed to the driver's side window... I'd say the sticker's likely to cause more deaths -- due to blocked vision -- than any chemical in the car in that case!). It's often put on things not known to anyone *but* the state of California to cause problems... including not known to the medical profession (according to my-husband-the-doctor) to cause said problems. So I'm inclined to be less panicky than otherwise. But they do look lovely in the jars!