Wednesday, March 23, 2011

upholstery tutorial- coming right up!

A bunch of thoughtful folks directed me to Design*Sponge today. It appears they are looking to start a new regular column about reupholstery and posted that they were accepting applications for an "Upholstery Expert" to write tutorials that would guide their readers through various techniques and projects.

Naturally, I applied in a hot minute and already let myself get carried away thinking up topics. My boss is really the upholstery expert but I'm the eager student and have learned so much in the past year that I have been working for him. I asked my boss if he would lend his expert advice and fact checking if I got the gig. He seemed to think it was a waste of time (I suspect that is because he thinks blogging is for vain teenagers). Though he was reluctant to give his full support, I suspect I can sweeten him to the idea because he is a gruff old guy with an undeniable soft side.

I fully recognize that I probably appear silly for applying to a job as a blogger when my own blog tends to collect dust from time to time. The more I thought about how much I would like to write about upholstery, the more I realized I should probably do so even if Design*Sponge chooses someone else to write their tutorials. So, I'm going to the workshop tomorrow as usual but this time I'll bring my camera. I'll whip up a simple dining chair tutorial and have it up by Friday evening. Promise!


Daphne said...

Hurray! ^_^

Chris P. said...

Where is the orange/white fabric from?? Back in October I was on a mad hunt for something JUST like that! I was trying to match some burnt orange velvet pillows I have...I ordered about 25 swatches of various orange patterned fabrics and nothing worked :( I ended up using a black/white pattern instead. However, your fabric looks like it may be just right! Can it be ordered online???

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Hi Chris, That sounds so frustrating! The fabric I used was actually a duvet cover from Ikea that had some holes so I reused it. I think it is still available at Ikea. It isn't true upholstery material but worked just fine for this project. Good luck!

Chris P. said...

I actually almost did that, except the duvet I found was $ not really worth it! Haha. Thanks I will look at Ikea!