Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is my 27th birthday.

But I am conceding that is is not my special day this year. My friends Lisa and Johnny are getting married! That works too because the most important things for me to do on April 30th are cake eating, dress wearing and nice people being around-ing.

For my present, Justin got me a ticket to a whale watch! Seeing a whale is on my list of life goals so Justin gets an A+ and unlimited kisses for his gift giving skills.

Speaking of birthdays, I recently debuted my first ever birthday card design. Yes, I have been making stationery for almost four years now and I've never had a birthday card in my shop. I just didn't have any ideas until I was tooting on one of those paper party blowers and it reminded me of an anteater's tongue. I drew the party horn anteater and realized she needed some friends. So, the rhinoceros was invited because his tusk was a perfect fit for a party hat. Wherever the rhinoceros goes, those little bids are bound to hitch a ride and wherever there is birthday cake, a family of ants will crash the party. You know how it goes.


Gab Mesina said...

That card is lovely ♥

Lisa Jimenez ! said...

Elise I love you it was so great to have you at our wedding on your birthday it even makes it more special for us ! PS I am so lucky Johnny has such great friends :) you are both wonderful :)