Saturday, August 13, 2011

retreat to the woods

It is the time of the year where I make my annual trip to Maine and stay with my parents in my uncle's bare-bones cabin. I have been aching to get up there as it is my favorite seasonal ritual. I'd venture to say that a week of lumpy mattresses, loon calls, board games and lake baths is even more dear to me than Christmas!

Since I can remember, my time there has been primarily occupied in three ways: eating, reading and making.

Eating- As always, the tiny blueberries Maine is known for. In sauces, muffins, pancakes and fresh off the bush. Grilled corn on the cob, toasted marshmallows and whoopie pies. I refuse to eat a whoopie pie anywhere but in Maine.

Reading- I visited the library and teen fiction is still my favorite for summer reading. I picked up The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Once Upon a Time in the North, Puddin'head Wilson and a book on managing ADHD that I will probably only read a little and then I expect to get distracted and forget about. I also grabbed a book that teaches card games. I have want to be the kind of person who knows lots of card games and carries around a deck for spontaneous fun. I carried around Bananagrams for a couple weeks but found it cumbersome.

Making- The best part! I have often treated this trip like an artist's retreat. I remember as a kid, packing a huge suitcase of art supplies to make collages, jewelry, paintings or anything else I was into at the time. I once brought a huge block of plaster. This time I'm keeping it simple and just bringing a pad of paper, drawing tools, brushes and my new watercolor set. I am hoping to put a serious dent in my alligator project.

While I'm away form the luxuries of hot water, internet, television and cell phone reception, My friends Judith and Daphne will be taking care of the bunnies. I mention this because they are both really excellent individuals and I think you will find it rewarding to follow these links to Judith's music and Daphne's illustration.

I'll be back soon with all the watercolor alligators you can stand!


Daphne said...

Have a wonderful time! Don't get sick of alligators! And thanks for sharing my link, it made my day :D

Bea Modisett said...

Yeah! Have funnnnn!!!!