Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm a whale watcher

Her hood almost blew off the boat.

I am glad that this weekend was a long one because I jammed in a whole ton of great things. I attended a backyard film fest, made a bunch more stamps, got started on my Halloween costume (not telling yet!), and greatest of all... enjoyed my first whale watch!

I can hardly explain what it meant to me to see a whale in the ocean for the first time. It was stunning. I was on the verge of tears every time it would surface and I was rapt and in a state of sacred silence when it would lift it's tail for a dive. My first whale was a humpback that stayed near us for over a half hour. We were lucky to see four more humpbacks in the same area and watching two swim alongside our boat was unreal.

The whale watch was probably one of the most potently giddy four hours of my life. I felt so lucky that we went watching on such a nice day and saw so many whales but I found out when we reached the port in Gloucester that I was even luckier- I won the raffle and got to go on a free ride some other day! I can't wait. My free pass is burning a hole in my pocket.

Despite the requests, I didn't take any whale pictures. I love photography and excessively document events, food, clothes, bugs or anything really. I didn't want to try to get a photo of the whale; I think there is something to be said for experiencing something special without trying to capture the moment.

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