Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miffy and more bunnies

I don't know why I felt I needed to start another project when I am swamped by unfinished ones.

I started a very simple Tumblr last week called "Another Bunny" where I'm whipping up a quick bunny and posting every day. So far it has been a good way for me to experiment with different materials and techniques because the imagery is consistent so I'd like the materials to change. I've only completed six bunnies but so far I feel like they look like they were made by all different people.

I often wonder if I should allow myself the kind of willy-nilly-ness I always indulge in or if I should spend more time refining my style or at least pick a medium and marry it. I haven't decided yet.

Speaking of drawing bunnies every single day (and being exceptionally consistent), I watched the most wonderful short audio slideshow of Dick Bruna- creator of Miffy. It was so nice to hear him talk about getting Miffy's mouth and nose just right because that is all she has. He seems like such a nice person. Hanging out with an 84 year old Dick Bruna drawing bunnies all day in the Netherlands would be my dream internship.

ps. I just realized I am drinking out of my Miffy mug from Meagan!

Another Bunny Tumblr:

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Vixie said...

hurrah for bunnies! A nice cup of tea in my Miffy cup always wakes me up in the mornings!