Tuesday, September 13, 2011

shop improvement!

I spent most of yesterday and today sprucing up my sad Etsy shop that I had been running on auto pilot for months and it feels so much better!

I took new photographs. I added new products. I fixed up my profile and policies and announcement. I am working on drawing a new banner. I updated all the search tags. I changed all my prices so that they are uniform instead of just randomly guessing what I think each thing is worth. I didn't even realize that plenty of items that I still have in stock had expired listings and were therefore invisible to potential buyers- shameful! I fixed that. I also put a couple items back into my shop that I thought I had sold out of but found a secret pile of prints in my flat file when I cleaned the studio (yes, I know I am terrible). I still have plenty of work to do on making the item descriptions more friendly to international buyers but it has come a long way. Woo!

I think it looks so good that when Justin got home, I rushed him over to the computer to show off what I've done. He didn't actually notice any difference.

But I know it is better now. I know it is better because I got a hot little sale before I was even done updating. Best feeling. Instant reward. Hi-ya! Karate kick!

I recommend that you check it out soon before it slides into ruin again. The "new" items that were missing from the shop are the Hrumphy Holidays cards and the Must Bite cards above (and a bunch more).


miss alix said...

i just love the growing sweet potato print. i might just have to snatch it up to match the sweet potato growing in my kitchen.

Bea Modisett said...

And now they are both on! Way to go - lookin' good sistah friend.

chezkimberly said...

hooray for you!