Friday, October 28, 2011

Makers Gonna Make

I seriously have so many unfinished projects right now but I can't keep myself from riding the new idea wave for all it is worth.

New idea:
A text project for a change! No bunnies and nothing with a face! I decided to use the phrase "Makers Gonna Make" which I originally heard from Meg Hunt's Twitter and play with writing those words using various art materials. I think it will be a fun series and will be a good way for me to get experimental with type.

The first thing I made used the quickest material on hand that I could do quietly at 1am while Justin was sleeping (yes, it was one of those frenzied streaks of inspiration). Good old hot glue! Not bad for starters. I have a ton of ideas for more involved exercises... I even tried out a woodburning pen. Awwww yeeeah new tools!

I know I always feel this way at the beginning and I admit that it really reminds me of an introduction to graphic design class assignment but whatever! I think this could be WAY COOL if I stick with it.


Laurie - Autobiography of Craft said...

I'm very commenty here this week, but you're also most posty than usual. I second the woodburning love, here is something texty I made for Dan not that long ago.

Heather - said...

This is hilariously awesome & I am adopting it as my new personal slogan. :)