Tuesday, October 25, 2011

woodland creature project PART ONE

I recently finished up some watercolor paintings of cute woodland creatures for Laura of Pansy Maiden. This was an unusual project for me for many reasons. 1. I'm not used to working with clients (I usually just do my thing and hope someone buys it.) 2. I'm not used to working on a deadline (and this one was exceptionally slim!) 3. I'm not very experienced with watercolor (You may remember it was only a couple months ago that I tried it for the first time since childhood.)

All that said, I am so glad I challenged myself and stepped out of my artistic comfort zone. Yes, there are still bunnies- but deer and birds are not as easy for me. It was a pleasure working with Laura and though I think the watercolor was a little overworked, I am pleased with how they turned out. I only had one major meltdown when my scanner broke.

I submitted the animals to Laura with only a vague idea of what she was planning to do with them. Today, I finally got to see what her vision was. I'll show you tomorrow in PART TWO! (dramatic art cliffhanger!)

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