Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Zine Thing!

I have been saying I will make my first zine for probably two years and now I'm going to make one really really quickly in two days. It will not be perfect but it will contain hedgehogs. My zine theme will be my relationship with Acorn my hedgehog and how he is a miserable bitter creature that I adore. The catalyst for speed- zine- making is the upcoming Spring Zine Thing at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, MA. The event is hosted by my pals Megan and Marissa and every little thing they do is magic so I wanted to be involved.

Their words, "At the Spring Zine Thing you can chat with zinesters, buy zines, swap your zine for someone else's, learn about zine libraries, or work on making a zine with us! We still have room for anyone who has a single issue of a zine at the community table, so email us at Spring Zine Thing if you want in. If you have been thinking about making a zine, JUST DO IT ALREADY, or show up and help us make a community zine."

This will be fun even if my slapdash production embarrasses me. You should come!


marceline said...

Yay, finally! I'm excited to see it :)

Missy said...

That is cool! I am friends/pen pals with Marissa! We have talked about doing a split zine for a while. 2012 - make it happen!