Sunday, November 18, 2007

gocco promo-stravaganza!



bunnies helping to clean up my scraps

finished pockets!

I spent about eight hours today making new business cards and promo pockets for Argyle Whale. I am really proud of them even though the process may have been a little bit inefficient. I busted out my Gocco and got to work making use of a pile of imperfect prints that were too good to throw away. First, I screened my promotional designs on the backs of the imperfect prints. Then, I cut them all out and made pockets too. I'm excited to go pinning my pockets-o-promos on a few corkboards around town. I think they are pretty slick... and repurposed!

I've heard that business cards are one of the least effective forms of advertising but I enjoyed the process. I really would have spent my day just making more lolbunnies if I hadn't done that anyway. I'm addicted to the lolcat generator. I really can't understand why I'm so delighted by putting misspelled subtitles on pictures of my bunnies but I absolutely cannot stop.

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