Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I took the handmade pledge.

So, I took this pledge and it felt good. I even said it out loud with my hand over my heart.

I love presents like a bunny loves bananas but I have to admit that the Christmas exchanges usually suck the life out of me. Shopping is hard and even harder when you're political about it. My buying philosophy is pretty strict (which is good because my budget is too).

~ I don't like to buy things made by companies who hurt animals.
~ I don't like to buy things from companies who treat their workers badly.
~ I especially like to buy things made out of sustainable or recycled materials.
~ I don't like to buy things from companies who rip off artists to create their products.
~ I love love love to buy unique things made by creative people.

I don't have a ton of money so I like to get the most out of what I spend. When I buy handmade I'm getting a great item plus the good feeling I get from helping working artists. That is double good! What a deal!

Of course, I can't manage to avoid buying things that are counter to my beliefs all the time. Sometimes I NEED to get some crappy plastic cups with sunsets on them from the dollar store. But at least I'll be following my heart this holiday season by buying (or making) a bunch of excellent gifts for the excellent people in my life. I promise.

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