Sunday, November 25, 2007

Patches made on my Gocco

Yesterday, I was excited to make my first attempt at printing on fabric using my gocco with the special fabric inks. I made two designs to use as freebie patches that will be included in orders from Argyle Whale. I made a llama proudly wearing handmade accessories and a bunny enjoying her handmade scarf. The bunny was inspired by a picture of the famous and always stylish, Coco.

As with most things, there were pluses and minuses to working with fabric on the gocco. I had fun making the patches but ran into enough difficulty that I wasn't inspired to make prints on fabric regularly.

the bad parts:
~ The ink was runnier and more prone to spreading so details were lost.
~ The fabric absorbs the ink pretty quickly and I needed to re-apply ink after about six prints.
~ The process is more expensive since it goes through the ink much more rapidly.
~ The prints need to be ironed to set the ink after they dry. That isn't such a big deal but it takes extra time.
~ I think that the steam from heat setting the inks is probably poisoning me.

the good parts:
~ Printing on fabric opens up lots of new possibilities with the gocco.
~ I think the fabric ink smells a little like butterscotch pudding.
~ It is still simpler and tidier than making a large silkscreen.
~ It looks pretty sharp!

I think the patch-making was a pretty worthwhile endeavor even though they took all night and are going to be given away for free. I made use of a lot of fabric that I had stashed for my LazerBeanz appliques which I don't think I'll be using anymore and I got to experiment in a low pressure way. Also, I figure that the extra layer of fabric in my mailers will protect my prints a little more.

I'm more in love with my little orange printing machine than ever with the addition of this new technique.


Banana-head Pancake said...

I have similar pros and cons with my gocco. I have decided it is not the most cost-effective way to screen print, but it is novelty and super fun, which out weighs everything for me!
I have two patches in my shop and I've noticed that the blue ink does not absorb nearly as fast as the red. Strange...
regardless, your new patches are great!

cflorestanis said...

What wonderful artwork! I've got a gocco but have only been printing on paper and now you've inspired me to try fabric. I love your blog!

MadeByAmanda said...

I like those patches! If I had a Gocco, I think I could do some neat things with patches.