Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're getting married (for real!)

Ok, Justin and I have been engaged for what seems like forever but now we're really going to whip up a wedding and make it official. We'll be having a tiny service on January eighth (our seven year anniversary of sweet love) in Connecticut with our family. That is only 49 days away!

We are so excited and a little stressed out too. I would have never expected that planning a wedding with less than twelve guests would be so challenging! I completely understand now why brides become bridezillas or plan their weddings for a year or more. We really sped up the process and gave ourselves three months to plan the wedding. The elements are starting to shape up though and I really love the treasures I've been gathering to make the day special. I've been buying quite a few pieces to add handmade touches to the event.

Allow me to share:

I'm delighted to have made a special order from Carrin of Rainsend for a pair of felted cake topper birds similar to the ones at the top of this post. Ours are going to have gray accents though.

Justin just got his wedding band in the mail today from Elizabeth of ES Designs and he is very anxious to start wearing it.

Justin also recieved his elegant gray satin necktie in the mail from Toybreaker

I bought some white flower hairpins from Betsy of Foundling and some earrings from Cassie of Clementine.


Jessica Yvonne Lewis said...

CONGRATS!! all your wedding stuff looks awesome. have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

An Etsy wedding. I'm amazed. I guess I never thought of using Etsy that way. But of course you are probably friends with scores of sellers by now.

And of course congratulations.


Unknown said...


Oh I love your wedding accessories. Sometimes I want to do the vow renewal thing just so I can do all of the handmade cute personalized things that we didn't do the first time.

MadeByAmanda said...

You know, I think sharply limiting the time you have to plan a wedding actually helps. It's stressful, but I planned mine in 4, and if I'd had a year like some people do, I think I would have done so much more work to achieve the same results, just because I was plagued by indecision. A short time limit means you have to go ahead and decide and act!

MadeByAmanda said...

Oh, I LOVE the wedding cake topper birds, too. Absolutely adorable and unique!