Monday, December 03, 2007

New toy!

I bought a Lomo camera off a friend yesterday and gave it to Justin as an early Christmas present. We both had the day off today so we spent the morning exploring Salem with our new camera in the fresh snow slush. The format of the Lomo is pretty neat but we haven't gotten the knack of knowing exactly what we're capturing with it yet. It has four lenses in a row and exposes one negative with four shots in rapid succession. The result reminds me of film stills.

I had such a good time today going on a photo seek with Justin. It was like the "good ol' days" when we used to go out exploring with our cameras regularly in High School. We lived in Connecticut at the time and there was nothing else to do besides sneak around abandoned houses and cow pastures looking for elegant compositions. Back then, we took ourselves way too seriously and only shot black and white photos with our ancient Nikons. We considered digital photography some cheap artistic abomination. Today, we realized how long it has been since we actually shot on real film. We must be getting lazy in our old age because we used to develop and print all our negatives a few years ago and now we're complaining about how big of a pain it is to drop the film at the one hour photo place. We've been completely spoiled by the instant gratification of digital photography.

I'm hoping that we go on many more excursions with our new Lomo. The mystery of not knowing what we caught on film and the excitement of waiting for our images to get developed will be what makes us choose to use the Lomo over our digital camera somedays.


Anonymous said...

I have one of those things! They provide plentiful amounts of fun. My favorite thing is the ripcord that you pull to take the picture.
I should really find mine, I haven't remembered seeing it around my possessions for a while now.

Tastes Like Snozzberries said...

wow, the photos came out much better than i thought they would! Now i'm jealous and want one again. haha

Damn my fickleness!

alissa j. said...

these turned out well despite the not sunny-ness of the outside! living in oregon is tough for these sort of cameras.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Thanks! I love this thing and I can't wait to do another roll. PS: Alissa, we're in Salem Massachusetts but I wish we were in Oregon!

alissa j. said...

haha, the snow makes more sense now! it snowed a little here last week - didn't stick though.