Saturday, December 15, 2007

Swans in a Snowstorm

There was a big snowstorm the night before last. It was the first significant snow of the year and it was a great one. The amount, consistency and timing was all just perfect and so I urged Justin to go out exploring in the fresh fall after he got out of work around midnight. Last christmas, Aunt Paula had given us matching pairs of snowpants so we decided to do some serious stomping around outside to get her money's worth out of them. We got our cameras ready and headed out to the pier where The Friendship is docked. We decided that despite the challenging trudging we'd go all the way to the end of the pier and sit by the lighthouse for awhile. Justin was nice enough to kick up a path for me and my lazy bum to follow in because I was taking so many breaks and dramatically sighing.

I was so glad that he made me go all the way to the end because sitting up against the lighthouse and watching the tide take bits of ice away from the shore was immensly pleasurable. We sat still and silent for a long time.

I was just beginning to think about heading home when I spotted a pair of white swans bobbing towards us. I was surprised and delighted by their company because we hadn't seen another living thing that evening except people plowing. They came right up to where we were and looked at us for a little while before getting back to their sea slime eating. They were exceptionally beautiful in the half light and we were so happy to have them join us and stay so close. We headed back home and they paddled along behind in silence.

I tried to get a few pictures without flash but the light was too low. It was hard to remind myself that the picture was not that important. Sometimes having a camera helps me see things I wouldn't normally notice but this time it was inhibiting my experience a little. After a few hopelessly blurry shots I had to convince myself to put the camera away and enjoy the moment without obsessing about how to keep it.

Both Justin and I were so glad that we went out that night and I think we'll really treasure the memory. I'm surprised I didn't ruin the moment since I usually behave shamefully in romantic scenes. Justin knows better than to write me poems or give me mushy cards and roses because I can't help but snort-laugh about things like that. They are so awkward. This however, was my kind of spontaneous pleasure that left me sighing dreamily.


Unknown said...

awwwwwwww, sounds dreamy and peaceful.

ARTLIFE said...

i like your blog so i linked to it from mine! - Ellen