Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clouds and llamas

Remember when I made those patches with llamas and bunnies on them? Well, I had planned on making the patches to give away as little bonuses with purchase of a print but they turned out to be the most popular design I've made. I thought it would be lame to start selling something that was a freebie so I used the design on some Moleskine notebooks and have decided to sell those. I think they are just more substantial and I love Moleskines.

I just finished listing them on Etsy as well as my newest print, "Coolest Cloud". The shop is filling up quickly. I can't believe I almost have a full page already!


kathryn said...

the clouds are adorable... and so true :)

aMuseDoodles said...

I LOVE these clouds. Totally made me smile and giggle :)