Sunday, January 27, 2008

My hero...

I spent the weekend with Kayla (my new mini sister-in-law) and she made this awesome guitar hero picture. Justin couldn't be prouder to be influencing his little sister to be a Nintendo enthusiast and I'm excited that she is really into drawing and craft projects.

We also did some interior design and she helped me stick a flock of birds to the formerly boring bedroom wall. I got the decals from One Up Designs and I think they look boss. Our bedroom is the most hated room in our apartment. We hate the size, wall color, brick wall-facing window and hospital light fixture. We're not happy about the bunny turd box in the corner either. So, I've been really trying hard to make it special in hopes that I will be encouraged to be tidy and stop leaving my clothing strewn about. The wall decals, new duvet, curtain and small rug so far have made a big difference. Our room was previously all different shades of dirty tan but the bold orange color and patterns are livening up what we previously called "the cave".

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