Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Apartment Therapy is making me mushy.

I just found out from a very nice buyer that my "Coolest Cloud" drawing was featured on ApartmentTherapy today. They were doing a little feature on rainclouds and I feel very lucky that they spotted mine!

I am thoroughly exhausted from being on my feet at work and from staying up late all last night watching the whole Indiana Jones trilogy but there are still butterflies in my stomach and I'm getting those shiver twitches that happen when I'm really thrilled but can't muster the energy to do some air punches and high kicks. It is a great feeling to be featured on a blog that I frequent regularly and that has a lot of readers.

My head is swelling and I'm going to be all full of myself until the moment I get into work tomorrow to find that none of my coworkers have heard of Apartment Therapy. That happened with the Boing Boing feature. Everyone was happy for me because they are excellent friends but I really wanted to hear someone squeal with recognition.

Boing Boing, Apartment Therapy and Etsy are so huge to me that I forget that many people haven't heard of them and they use the internet primarily to check their email. Few of my friends and family are as internet overloaded as I am with my Flickr, Etsy, blogging, Myspace and a handful of other web-pursuits. Oh, the great INTERWEB! I feel like it's my secret garden where I can see great design and cute animals. I know this is the dweebiest profession of love ever but ... I love the internet! There. I said it. I could definitely use a bit more fresh air and exercise though.

P.S. Today is Justin's birthday (we celebrated yesterday though). It's also a lunar eclipse evening. This is in honor of both. Feast your eyes and PLEASE watch the whole thing. She c r a z y.


Jess said...

congrats on being featured!
and im jealous about the indiana jones trilogy, i need to own it. although i just cant get into temple of doom.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's awesome that you're getting recognized as the amazing and creative artist you are. You definitely deserve the spotlight. And I so want to buy that little bunny journal that you have on Etsy, but I can't spend any moolah on anything until I've gotten over my bag-purchase guilt.