Thursday, February 28, 2008

Growing and collecting things

As a person who makes things, I am naturally inclined to collect and perhaps have an affinity for growing things. I've been trying to curb my desire to gather and bring little treasures home due to the small size of our apartment. Plus, the bunnies munching ways have made me reticent to grow plants for fear that they will poison themselves. I currently only have a few sticks of bamboo and an aloe in my home for plant life.

Right now I feel like I'm on the verge of starting a new collection and growing some pretty scenes due to something I happened upon on my walk home from work yesterday. On my walk, I crossed the road to avoid what I thought was a giant heap of horse droppings (an uncommon sight in my area but not impossible due to carriage tours). As I moved closer, I saw that the lumps on the pavement were much nicer than poo. They were a great number of pretty balls and strips of vibrant green moss! They had slid off an old roof with a sheet of ice. Naturally, I picked up all the moss I could wrap into the takeout menu I had in my purse and continued home.

I had no plans for the moss but I set to arranging it in a still life while the light was good. I picked out a cheetah statue and an antler I'd painted blue to accompany the moss in the scene and took a few shots.

Later, I got the idea to make a terrarium with the moss since I have a few nice glass containers. I began looking up instructions for making terrariums and I saw many photos online of amazing glass jars filled with moss and little trinkets. I am very excited to start my first terrarium and with any luck, I'll have a new hobby that will quench my desire for having fresh green growth in my house without worrying about bunny marauders since the plants will be well contained.

I can see myself going all out with this and finding antique glass and etching designs into it, growing exotic ferns, moss and lichen and making charming scenes with statuettes. I need to go clean off a shelf somewhere before Justin gets home so I can say we have enough room for this.


Angela said...

I love your big plans! This photo alone is so pretty that I can't wait to see what the terrariums look like. I've been dying to do one but am holding off until we move.

Jess (aka LittleBunny) said...

excellent find!
i love bringing things home!
once i found greeting cards and puzzle pieces.
and another time was a box full of italian books and an italian memory game.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i've been working on a little mini-greenhouse project (i'll post a how-to in my blog tomorrow) and i'd love to see your terrariums!
(maybe i just love the word terrarium?)

Lisa said...

This is terrific! I'm relly interested to hear how the terraria are going. I've been wanting to start cultivating moss for a while. Do post a follow-up!