Monday, February 25, 2008

nom nom nom is what bunnies do best.

Maybe I'm spending too much time on cuteoverload and icanhascheeburger because those sites seem to have infiltrated my creations. I am a little worried that this new thing I've made may make Argyle Whale "jump the shark" but I love it so much that I'm risking humiliation and sharing my first interspecies collaborative design.

The photo above is of a Gocco print I made in orange and white ink on cement colored cardstock. I wrote out "nom nom nom" and then my bunny collaborators, Hodge and Yoshimi, took care of the delicate edge nibbling. They are busy nomm-ing more prints as we speak. For once, their insatiable appetite for paper can be put to use! I think their selective bite patterns are producing lovely pattern variations.

Well, I'm off to put up a listing for these in the shop and I can't stop giggling.


idyll hands said...

Too cute. I can just see myself trying to explain that to my boyfriend - "nom nom, that's what bunnies do, they nom". He'd probably ignore me for a few days thinking I would regain my sanity!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! That is so cute!! :) I just added your adorable blog to my list!! :) I love it!

Have a great day!! :)

Jess said...

oh my goodness i want to hug them.

okac said...

Cute! I folded a paper and had my bunny, Ezmo, chew on it and he made a lovely little snowflake!