Friday, February 15, 2008

Guinea pig pile! Snuggle time!

I love guinea pigs almost as much as I love bunnies. I love their little bean-shaped bodies and squeaky grunts. I've been wanting one for a few years and I'm hoping that I will have one (or two) someday. Justin is weakening to my will so I hope it won't be long.

Back when I was in college, I started a series of drawings and paper cutouts from catalogs of everything I wanted. I would put all the picture clippings of the things I wanted in a big pile and draw the pile. The result was usually a mountain of odd shapes that were hard to decipher. I'm mentioning this because I had forgotten about that project until I drew this big pile of guinea pigs cozying up for a nap.

I think it's amusing that when I really desire something that I can't have; I'm inclined to draw it in a big heap. It is a peculiar urge similar to how I want to hold everything that is adorable in my mouth. I am always trying to grab a sleeping bunny's ears between my lips. That is one reason why I should never have a pet mouse.

Well, I listed this drawing in my Etsy shop today. I hate to overuse this word but I think it's really cute. I enjoyed drawing each guinea pig's expression and posture while napping. They all seem to have little personalities. My favorite is the one that is to the right sitting up like he is in a recliner. Justin likes the one squished all the way at the bottom.


Sam @ The Ellison Family Expansion Plan said...

My favorite is the one kind of in the middle with his belly facing front! I want to snuggle in a pile of guinea pigs and bunnies now.

Janice said...

Very cute! Wish I had a pile of real ones here.

Jess said...

i wish i had a pile of bunnies here.
i'm more inclined to place soft things between my top lip and nose forming a mustache.
i do it with my hair all the time. and i if i had a bunny i'd probably do that with its ear.

Melissa said...

i LOVE this so much! will you make more? i had wanted to buy it on etsy but you were all sold out. :(