Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope nobody reads this post today because they are too busy snuggling.

I'm all alone at the computer because Justin and I celebrated Valentine's day yesterday instead. I wasn't expecting anything but Justin surprised me with a very fun scavenger hunt, the Harold and Maude DVD and a delicious dinner at a very small and perfect Italian restaurant. Classy. He also made me the card that is pictured. I think it is adorable and though it doesn't look like much; I know he tried very hard and is slowly overcoming his phobia of showing me anything he draws.

I didn't do much for him except bring home a peanut butter and chocolate ganache tart from the bakery. I had lots of good ideas but I thought of them too late. I'm pretty great about giving special random surprises but I'm terrible at actually doing anything nice for holidays. Justin is nice about not looking too disappointed.

People keep jokingly asking me if the honeymoon is over now that Justin and I have been married for over an entire month! I am happy to report that he has been an even better husband than boyfriend. He was a damn good boyfriend too. Last week he made me pancakes at five in the morning before I headed to work. I was astounded. He also bought me a really great book of photographs of animals against wallpaper called "Animal House" just because. I feel spoiled!


High Desert Diva said...

We're celebrating tomorrow...

your hubby sounds like a keeper!

Earmark Social said...

fantastic blog! i love the bunny drawing!! i hope your parents doggy gets better!

Hey Harriet said...

Hey lucky you! The Harold & Maude DVD was a nice score (it's one of my all-time fave films). & that Valentine's card is adorable!

Fab blog you have & I'm glad I found it :)