Monday, February 04, 2008

Harvard Square

Black Ink Inc.

Ashley G and Drew's print at Urban Outfitters

Our bedroom with new frame, lamp and light switch cover (by Trixie and Radar)

Justin and I enjoyed the rare occasion of both of us having the same day off work without any big responsibilities. We decided to head into Harvard Square to do some walking and people watching since the weather was perfect. We stopped into a slick design store called Black ink Inc. which had all kinds of simple pleasures. I had a hard time not buying a neat clear plastic teapot with a built in tea strainer.

We peeked into lots of little stores and the whole time I was trying to hold myself back from going into the looming Urban Outfitters I had to pass multiple times. I've been weakly boycotting Urban Outfitters since I found out about their way of stealing designs from artists like Boston's local t-shirt superhero Johnny Cupcakes. I am ashamed to say that by the end of our trip I gave in to temptation. I couldn't help myself when I remembered hearing that AshleyG (an artist on Etsy) had a print there for sale. When I was in the store I was pleased to see that Kate Sutton was represented as well. I had recently bought a marmot Gocco print from her off Etsy. I left the store with a new lamp and picture frame from the bargain basement.

I was very excited to buy some loose tea at the Tealuxe we spotted later on. I'm actually sipping the royal coconut green tea right now while I type with one hand. The people working there were very friendly and chatty. I think they may have just been lonely because it was Super Bowl Sunday and the place was a ghost town.

After stocking up on tea, we went to eat at Veggie Planet which is a peculiar vegetarian pizza place. They pretty much put whole meals on pizza dough. Justin had a burrito pizza and I played it safe with a bowl of macaroni and cheese with broccoli. It was a damn tasty meal and Justin had the pleasure of chatting with the cook who happened to be in the band Furnace that he'd seen recently. I think the guy was pretty chuffed to be recognized.

We returned home to see that I'd sold two items! That is my favorite way of ending the day.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in that first photo - sounds like you had a lovely day :]

PAC said...

love the pics you posted!

idyll hands said...

I stumbled across your blog the other day and wanted to say that it is a new favorite! Love your Etsy shop too :)

Hobocamp Crafts said...

gorgeous colors! The lamp, your pillow case and the frame. Sounds like a great -lazy-meandering day!