Monday, February 04, 2008

Wigs and monkeys

While Justin and his friends played an intense game of "Tumblin' Monkeys", I got busy printing my newest drawing. I played for two rounds but my monkey aversion got the best of me so I went back to printing and being antisocial. I did give them a brief Gocco demo but I don't think they were blown away.

"Epic Do" is a massively stylin' bit of hair sculpture printed in red and orange ink on the palest pink cardstock. I'm putting this Gocco print up for sale today in my shop. This print marks the first time I've bravely mixed inks on one screen without using foam dividers. It worked just fine and I'm trying to think up a new drawing where I can mix lots of colors on one screen for another time.

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Helen Carter said...

monkey aversion is a natural instinct that will serve you well.