Monday, February 11, 2008

Hills and valleys

My big pile of snail mail

Sadie feels sick

Today has been a day of giddy highs and somber lows.

I spent most of the day basking in a feeling of mini-fame due to the press power of Boing boing! and the Storque. I stayed in my pajamas packing up orders and then trekked to the post office with Justin in the freezing cold to send out the biggest pile of orders we've ever had. We spent a little while at a local cafe and toasted with our special drinks. I celebrated with a spicy Thai latte made with soymilk and Justin had a cup of coffee with a big slice of peanut butter pie. We came home and played a few games of Dr. Mario and filled our small apartment with curses and cries of triumph. We get very competitive when we play games.

The bad part of the day came after I got off the phone with my mom a little while ago. My parent's dog Sadie has been feeling sick this past week and now she is in the pet hospital. The vet has put her through many tests with inconclusive results but her condition is very serious and looks like it could be cancer. The whole situation makes me feel sad and guilty. I wish I could be there for my parents and go visit them right away but I can't make it happen right now. Aaaah. It is so incredibly hard to see my parents sad and worried. My Dad had even more bad news. He visited the eye doctor today and his macular degeneration has worsened significantly. He will be having treatments soon that involve NEEDLES IN THE EYE! Scary. He is losing his vision. He is experiencing one of my worst fears. When I talked to him today, he reminded me to "enjoy what I have while I have it". So, I'm going to try and have a nice evening being thankful for my horrible but not hopeless vision and for my two healthy albeit curmudgeonly bunnies.

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idyll hands said...

I'm sorry about Sadie. I hate to read when pets are sick as it's the same as reading that children are sick. Sending doggie hugs your way.