Friday, March 14, 2008

Design is a virtue.

The other day, while I was working in the bakery; I remarked that I really enjoyed using the large metal sugar scoop. I showed how it fits just right in my hand and has a satisfying weighty feel. The scoop is also very shiny and therefore stands out in the flour-dusted back room. At first, there was a pause that showed me none of the bakers had really appreciated the scoop and were slightly amused by my fondness for it.

I left the back room professing my love for simple well-made objects that make mundane tasks more pleasurable.

I can't afford to surround myself with only quality items but I must admit that the flimsy things I own really annoy me. I despise the awkward cheese grater I got from the dollar store even though it works just fine. I think my green tea tastes best when sipped from my thinly walled red mug.

I have slight envy for people who don't care so much about these things. I feel a little like I'm doomed to spend extra money because design is so important to me. Oh well, I can't go back now.

That clever shirt up top was designed by Andreu Osika.


amy said...

I'm with you on the design and the function of goods. I'll spend money that I shouldn't spend on particular items based on design and functionality or novelty.

Livy said...

I know what you mean. But I would trade my outlook for anything. The world is better with pretty things!