Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on doilies and terrariums

I've got to admit that I've been too preoccupied to make anything new and exciting lately so I thought I'd make an update post about some projects I had going on before.

The vintage doilies I found (and wrote about here) haven't gotten much action even though I keep staring at them. I cut a few flowers out of one of the damaged doilies and pressed them in my button machine. The mylar covering crinkled slightly due to the added thickness but I think they look pretty. Not pretty enough to make a whole bunch though. I also have been using one of the larger ones as a background for photos and I think it adds a nice textural detail. For now, most of them are placed under my terrariums on a shelf in classic doily fashion.

Speaking of terrariums; my mossy wonderlands were really doing splendidly. The plants were looking greener and the condensation was just right. Sadly, I think the moss I picked up off the road may have had some mold spores inside because a gray fuzz is slowly creeping across the landscape in all the environments that contain moss. I think their future is dismal and I will have to start again later with new moss. I'm pretty disappointed but not totally dismayed. I'm thankful that my favorite terrarium which contains just a small fern frond is doing very nicely.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this week because I have less responsibilities and can get back to my experiments. I made a trip to the craft store yesterday so I'm expecting a surge in the shop soon because nothing gets my brain going like new supplies.

Above is a picture of me that Justin took recently. The buttons look pretty on my jacket but my face seems like I smelled something foul. I do feel a little glamorous because the wind was actually blowing my hair around in a romantic fashion. That is a rare thing for me since this is the longest my hair has been in over eight years so I'm relishing the new sensation.


Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Glad to see you back after your long 4 day hiatus! Your hair has grown a lot since I saw you last (which is the picture in your profile). Ferns are one of my favorite plants. I'm glad to hear it wasn't overtaken by the nasty mold! I should try doing one of these.

idyll hands said...

I love the picture! You don't look like you've smelled something foul. I also like the buttons and now I feel like I need a new jacket to wear my buttons on.

I can't wait to see the surge in your shop that you speak of.

Unknown said...

Very nice blog! I stumbled upon you in th Etsy Forums.

Oh Mandie said...

hehe, you're adorable! Love those buttons :-)

glad I stumbled on your little spot on the web today!

Artifax said...

There is nothing like new craft supplies to jumpstart creativity! Happy crafting!!

Young People in Love said...

found your blog via spittingimage and just wanted to say your work is great and HI!
LOVE LOVE LOVE those buttons! darling on all accounts :)

paula said...

This jacket is SO cute!